I’ve just started a gallery on my web-site called Beauty*Everywhere*Every*Day:

It addresses two things:  first – the guilt particular to photographers upon leaving home without a camera – you ALWAYS miss a good photo. The advent of smart phones, and the absolute inability to detach from them means that this photo-remorse has disappeared…good news. I hate missing the detail, or event.  As my friend Alan Sawyer says “the best camera in the world is the one you have with you!”

On the BBC web-site the director Wim Wenders portentously states that with the iPhone, photography is dead. Rubbish! By way of response I posted on Facebook that just because anyone can do it (to death), doesn’t mean it’s dead. That’s like saying just because everybody can dance that Dance is dead. Ridiculous.

And second – the act of walking around with a camera, whether it’s a Leica or an iPhone gets me looking.  And seeing. It doesn’t need qualification. It’s photography.