FAGIN’S TWIST @ Dennis Severs’ House

THE PLACE, the Dance and Performance Centre, recently commissioned me to provide images for choreographer Tony Adigun’s re-working of Oliver Twist, entitled “Fagin’s Twist”.

We had the great fortune to shoot at Dennis Severs’ House, in Shoreditch. This beautiful early 18th century house has been re-imagined as it might have existed then, with an intense eye to period detail. Please visit their website:


The inimitable curator David Milne gives tours, and it is an amazing experience. Please go see this East End gem.

Performance detail’s on “Fagin’s Twist” to follow.


Performers (in main photo) L>R Maxine Nguyen, Dani Harris-Walters, Maxwell Golden, Muti Musafiri,  Chloe Jones