Hooray for Hollywood!

eric_richmond_HOLLYWOOD.4 eric_richmond_HOLLYWOOD.2eric_richmond_HOLLYWOOD.3

From my Christmas visit to Los Angeles. A new addition to my SeeingDouble Project.

I contacted the Trust which administers the site several months before, and the two fantastic women in charge were beyond helpful in making this possible. Thank you Betsy Isroelit, and Diana Wright, who accompanied me on the adventure. And I mean adventure—we had to rappel down about 70 feet to the sign itself, and then I scrabbled along under the sign, convinced that I would slip on a very steep unsteady slope and end up in a very embarrassed heap, about 150 feet below. Oh I forgot, they also mentioned that I needed to look out for rattle-snakes.

I also photographed Frank Gehry’s sensational Disney Center, downtown LA’s newish music center. I’ll add photos of this in the coming days.